Jan Ove Waldner Masterclass

Masterclass Overview:

The new Jan Ove Waldner Masterclass is now included in Academy memberships.

Put yourself across the table and learn from the greatest player of all time, Jan Ove Waldner! Waldner is known for his exceptional touch and control, incredible accuracy, and outstanding deception, which enabled him to play an all-around game that could adapt to any opponent. He won every major title available including the European Championships, World Championships in and Olympic gold. Today he is considered a legend of the sport and his impact on the game has been felt around the world.

Jan Ove joins TableTennisDaily coaches Dan and Tom in this Masterclass to pass on his unrivalled knowledge of the sport and help you improve. During this Masterclass you will learn from Waldner’s extensive experience as a player at the highest level as he shares with you his expertise, breaking down and explaining the key areas of the game that he feels enabled him to become considered the greatest of all time. He demonstrates techniques in slow motion and explains the small details to help you understand the nuances of the game better and improve quicker.

In addition to Waldner’s technical and tactical expertise, he will also share his unique insights into the mental game of table tennis which many believe set him apart from the rest. Here he will teach you how to build better awareness, read your opponents more effectively and explain how to maintain your composure under pressure. 

This coaching masterclass is the ultimate learning opportunity for table tennis players of all levels, so join us today to learn from the greatest to ever play the sport and start on your journey to becoming a better player!



  • Waldner’s forehand topspin insights
  • Touch and feeling
  • Master the block (Including the Backhand punch)
  • The chop block
  • The Ace serve
  • Dealing with pressure 
  • Reading the opponent


  • Waldner’s serving secrets 
  • Waldner’s training tips
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