Liam Pitchford Masterclass

Masterclass Overview:

Put yourself across the table and learn from Liam Pitchford, Liam joins TableTennisDaily coaches Dan and Tom to show you how you can develop and master a backhand like his. Liam is the current British number 1, World championship bronze medallist, has a highest world ranking of 12 and has beaten the likes of Ma Long and Xu Xin. He is often said to have one of the best backhand’s in international table tennis and it is a trademark of his game style.

In this masterclass we have teamed up with Liam to take an in depth look at his world famous backhand. You’ll receive coaching lessons, detailed demonstrations, tips, and advice from the man himself.

This masterclass will show you the fundamental points to build your own world class backhand, making you more effective against your opposition. The Backhand topspin is becoming more important in the modern game so make sure you don’t get left behind by your opponents in this vital aspect of modern table tennis. Other areas of the game Liam feels are important to develop are also covered in this masterclass including effective return of serve and mental aspects of the sport. We get a fascinating insight from Liam as he talks through and demonstrates in detail all the technical elements, skills, and knowledge you need to learn his phenomenal backhand and more.

Get this masterclass today to improve your backhand and win more matches!


  • The basics of the backhand drive
  • The backhand topspin
  • How to backhand topspin against backspin
  • How to backhand flick
  • The flick and follow up
  • How to backhand block
  • Backhand counter topspin
  • The backhand switch


  • Liam coaches Dan & Tom
  • Liam’s forehand topspin secrets
  • How to forehand fade
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • How to improve quickly
  • Tactical insights
  • Effective return of serve

The Liam Pitchford Masterclass is a one-off payment, which means you will have access to the videos for life. If you want to develop a winning backhand and add other dynamic new elements to your game, then join Liam, Dan and Tom at the table and unlock your potential!

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