Sharath Kamal Achanta Masterclass

Masterclass Overview:

The new Jan Ove Waldner Masterclass is now included in Academy memberships.

Put yourself across the table and learn from Sharath Kamal Achanta, Kamal joins TableTennisDaily coaches Dan and Tom to show you how you can develop and master a deadly forehand and short game like his. Kamal has a highest world ranking of 30, he has recently won the commonwealth games singles for a 2nd time and is also a record breaking 10 times Indian national champion!

In this masterclass we have teamed up with Kamal to take an in depth look at his lethal forehand and dominant touch play that he is well known for. You’ll receive coaching lessons, detailed demonstrations, tips, and advice from the man himself.

This masterclass will show you the fundamental points to build your own world class forehand, making you more of a threat against your opposition. The forehand topspin is still a key shot in the modern game to be able to dominate the opponents, attack with power and direct the ball into difficult areas. Other areas of the game Kamal feels are important to develop are also covered in this masterclass including the active backhand block and how to deal with pressure. We get a fascinating insight from Kamal as he talks through and demonstrates in detail all the technical elements, skills, and knowledge you need to learn his phenomenal forehand, short play and more.

So sign up today and join us with Kamal in his masterclass to take your game to the next level and win more matches!


  • The forehand topspin
  • Importance of wrist action and contact
  • Forehand topspin training drills
  • The forehand topspin against backspin
  • The half long forehand
  • The Active backhand block
  • How to forehand counter
  • Dominating the short game
  • Kamal’s serving secrets


  • Mental preparation
  • Dealing with pressure
  • How to warm up like a pro

The Sharath Kamal Achanta Masterclass is a one-off payment, which means you will have access to the videos for life. If you want to develop a dynamic winning forehand and high quality short game, as well as much more, then join Kamal, Dan and Tom at the table and unlock your potential!

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