Par Gerell Serving Masterclass

Start Course Course Overview Put yourself across the table from Par Gerell - The best server of all time! The former world number 27 teaches you how to create lethal spin and disguise with your serves to win outright points! In this course coaches Dan and Tom have teamed up with Par Gerell, who is widely thought of as one of the best servers in the world and and has been part of the Swedish national team for many years! This video series is broken down into sections to make it simple and easy to learn, we look at the mechanics of the serve, how to produce more spin, but most importantly how to disguise your serves and create deception. Par talks through and demonstrates in detail all the technical elements, skills and knowledge you need to learn deadly serves. INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE:
  • The unique service grip to serve like Par Gerell
  • Mastering the action to the serve
  • How to do the topspin serve with Par Gerell
  • How to produce a heavy backspin serve with Par Gerell
  • How to make your serves deceptive with Par Gerell
  • How to do the Kicker serve with Par Gerell
  • How to take advantage of a good serve/weak return
  • Effective Serve training with Par Gerell
  • 6 week serve programme with Par Gerell
  • Overview
The Par Gerell Serving Masterclass is a one off payment, which means you will have access to the videos for life. So, if you want to get point winning serves and add a new dynamic element to your game, then join Par, Dan and Tom at the table and unlock winning strategies!
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