Introduction to the Liam Pitchford Masterclass

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Welcome to the Liam Pitchford masterclass, here you’ll have access to all the secrets, tips, advice and coaching on how to develop a world class backhand from the man himself. During the course Academy coaches Dan and Tom work alongside Liam, to bring you his knowledge and experience of the sport. Liam demonstrates and discusses how to learn and develop his deadly backhand and also other areas of his game that have brought him such success through his career so far. You’ll see the backhand technique broken down clearly with slow motion sections and detailed explanations of the coaching points and secrets that Liam uses to create incredible speed and spin. In our bonus video section we look in depth at other areas of the game Liam feels are vital to develop, this includes effective return of serves, match play tactics as well as mental aspects of the game.

Course content:

  • The basics of the backhand drive
  • The backhand topspin
  • How to backhand topspin against backspin
  • How to backhand flick
  • The flick and follow up
  • How to backhand block
  • Backhand counter topspin
  • The backhand switch

Bonus videos included:

  • Liam coaches Dan & Tom
  • Liam’s forehand topspin secrets
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • How to improve quickly
  • Tactical insights and match strategies
  • Effective return of serve

So get started now and begin your Liam Pitchford masterclass with Liam, Dan and Tom!

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