Match analysis – Tom vs Pro Defender

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Ever wanted to know what tactics to use against a chopper or defensive player? Well, this video see’s TableTennisDaily Academy Coach Tom in action in the Premier division in the British League playing against a professional Japanese defensive player. We discuss the tactics Tom tries to apply against this style of player and give you insights into the mind of both players. Having the right tactical approach in your games and being able to adapt against various styles will help you win more matches and become a more all-round player. Dan and Tom perform this match analysis from Tom’s tactical point of view but also include helpful pointers from the defensive players view and talk about the tactics he is using and what makes him hard to play. This is a great way to learn for both attacking and defensive players who want to gain a deeper understanding into tactical play and what tips they could use and build into their own games.

In this video we cover:

-Effective tactics against defenders/choppers
-Analysis of good points and errors
-Reasons behind tactics
-What to be aware of as the defensive player