5 Secrets to more consistent table tennis!

Something that is vital for players of all levels is being able to be consistent and reduce the amount of unforced errors in their game. Having confidence that your shots are safe and you don’t make a large amount of errors will really improve your ability to develop and progress your game. So we’ve just released another free to access YouTube tutorial where we explain our 5 secrets to more consistent table tennis that you can use to make yourself harder to beat and an all round more consistent player!

Tip 1: Shorter Strokes

Many players we see when coaching have a much longer swing than they need, this makes recovering for each shot a slower process meaning you have less time for each shot and more mistakes to be made. Short and compact shots with a good recovery means you can replicate your them over and over and reduce unforced errors.

Tip 2: Feeling the ball

Having a soft and controlled touch and feeling the ball is vital for being able to increase consistency, it’s all to easy to hit your shots too hard, force the speed or power and start to break down quickly. Learning to brush the ball better and give yourself more margin for error and spin is a great way to ramp up those consistency levels.

Tip 3: Keeping your strokes on the same plane

A consistency killer is changing the bat angle as your playing the shot, this means you won’t get the correct contact and shots become tense and hard to repeat. Keeping the bat on one smooth plane during the follow through and the recovery means you can brush the ball more and increase your spin levels.

Tip 4: Staying low

If you find yourself too upright often it means you are unable to adjust to different ball placements quickly and get out of position which causes the consistency to drop dramatically. So you need to make sure you stay low with your weight forward to give yourself the ability to make quick and dynamic changes and get in the correct position for each shot.

Tip 5: Game Plan

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses means you can be more decisive with your shots and gives you a good idea of the type of points you find difficult or that suit your style of play. If you go into match play without a particular game plan or strategy it can make your shot selection random and forced. So be sure to focus on where you are strongest and which tactics give you the best chance to avoid areas you aren’t as confident with and will be less consistent.

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