Master The Ace Serve With Jan Ove Waldner: New Video Release!

We’ve just released a sneak peak into the Waldner masterclass, with a video tutorial from the man himself on how to master the down the line ace serve! In this video Waldner shares his expertise on mastering the ace serve, offering valuable insights that cater to players of all skill levels to help you add this deadly weapon to your game!

Unlocking the Secrets of the Ace Serve:

Embark on a table tennis adventure with the maestro himself in our latest YouTube release – the Waldner Ace Serve video! Renowned for his unparalleled skills, Jan-Ove Waldner shares the secrets to mastering the ace serve in this video tutorial. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking to elevate your game or a beginner looking to spice up your serves, Waldner’s expert tips are tailor-made for you. The best part? This sneak peak into the Waldner masterclass is available for free on our YouTube channel. Don’t miss the chance to up your table tennis game with Waldner’s serving wisdom. Tune in now and let the ace serves begin!

Seize the chance to learn from the best and enhance your serving game with Jan-Ove Waldner’s expert guidance. If you enjoyed this sneak peak into the masterclass why not join the Academy to access the full course. To access the Waldner masterclass you simply need an Academy membership, we have monthly, quarterly and yearly options to suit you. Academy membership gives to access to a huge library of coaching videos, the Waldner masterclass and also direct contact to coaches Dan and Tom via coach corner where you can ask questions, get match and training analysis and feedback. Click here to join today!

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