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Slicepong asked 1 month ago

Hi Tom and Dan. Hope you’re well.
When you guys talk about closing the bat for more effective or mor consistent topspin, do you think a 45 degree angle is about what we should shoot for? I just noticed my “natural” angle is maybe 30-35 and I get some top but it’s not a heavy shot and I think the reason is I haven’t closed enough.  There seems less room for error with 45, but I think I’d be more effective if I concentrated on a more closed bat. Your thoughts? Thanks. 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey Slicepong were all good here, hope you are well. Yes I definitely think the bat angle plays a big part in generating more spin. I’d say it will take time to adjust slightly and be more consistent with a 45 degree angle but in time you will get more spin and a higher quality shot. As long as you keep a good acceleration through the contact and a relaxed, smooth action I think the spin you get with the different bat angle will be noticeable!

Cheers, Tom

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