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Nomad asked 8 months ago

Hi Dan
Following your advice yesterday regarding the backhand opener (a relaxed elbow and flexible wrist} I put in some practice before going to the club.
I have attached a video (in slow motion) of the adjustments I made.  Most of the balls reached the back of the table with the topspin I applied and I also closed the angle of the bat slightly on the forehand.  I know I have still some way to go to perfect it but I think I am on the right track now.  (By the way I won all my games at the club so thanks again!)

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey Alex,

That’s great to hear you won all your games, and this io does already look better to me, as you say just needs continued practice to keep improving it but at least now you have some areas to focus on and know what to look for.

It looks much smoother already in this clip, it’s just about getting the relaxation and acceleration together and that will come with practice!


replied 8 months ago

Thanks Dan
My main objective in the video was to keep the pace slow and make sure that I was brushing the ball over the back and top of the ball using the elbow as a pivot. Since posting the video my wrist action is now more relaxed and I now take it back further towards my body and after a slight pause ‘explode’ the follow through along the intended direction. Altogether I get a quality stroke in terms of speed and spin. Since posting the video I now also get lower down and use the legs and trunk to generate more power.


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