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Ngohuy asked 3 years ago

Hi Dan/Tom,

Recently got into troubles with this opponent: always use float serves, i use backhand flick, then he starts to attack me by backhand topspin or punch, but mostly punches work. I try sometimes to flick to his wide forehand but the serve is very float and very low, kind of hard to flick to the corner, not to mentioned sometimes i made unforced errors, mainly flick serves out of table. 
Any tip for me? Thanks!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Ngohuy!
Yes this can be quite a common problem when returning float serves, the key here is placement and the variety in your returns. Firstly with your flick when returning you should try to target the other players elbow if they have a strong backhand and force them to play a weaker ball. If you are still have problems returning the float serves on the table you’ll need to close the bat angle and focus on generating spin on the ball and improving the quality of your shot first which will also make it harder for the opponent to topspin or punch. The next thing is variation, even if it is a float serve you can push the ball back long and make your opponent play a different ball, he might find this more difficult and give you opportunities to win more points! Anything other questions please let us know! 🙂

replied 3 years ago

thanks Tom for your answer,

I’m thinking the same, due to the lack of speed and spin in my backhand flicks, which help him to put pressure on my backhand. I managed to get over him just thanks to more experience, not tactically. What made me feel uncomfort is I forgot to aim the flick right in his ebolw, which mentioned many times in your videos.

Shall work hard to improve my backhand flicks and placements.

Thanks again.

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