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martink asked 3 years ago

Hi. Still working on my topspin timing and transferring the weight forward. I often can make a decent topspin during play, or exercises that involve play. I am really bad at this drill here: I can’t get a fluid motion when doing this drill, ball flies everywhere, too hard etc. Mostly have to wait for a lower bounce to make it. Same if I just throw a ball in the air, trying to topspin. Should I be worried?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Martin,

I wouldn’t worry at all about this problem,some people find theae drills really helpful for their understanding and feel of timing and others find them more difficult.

Its just one different way to help your timing, but by the sounds of it your timing during normal play is good anyway. What might be quite good is trying to get someone else to drol the ball from a fairly high point for you to try the drill and this could be helpful for you.

Give that a try but definitely don’t worry, there are lots of other drills to help improve timing such as this one-

replied 3 years ago

Thanks, good points there. Maybe I am just more used to getting the ball served from someone else, will give it a try.

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