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Taif-Basheer asked 2 years ago

Hi coatchs (Dan & TOM)
I have amicus prime robot and I don’t get the chance to play with playeres frequently maybe (2-3) times a mouth my level is between hobby and club player I use zhangJike T5000 with Dignics 80 both sides and I have good forehand loop and intermediete footwork can you show me a variety of useful trainings and the idea of choosing best trainings for me in this robot to improve my game and get to the next level quickly.
Many thanks and best regards
Taif B. Al-Khoja

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 years ago

Hi Taif, So we have an a whole section on the Academy full of exercises that you can follow and Tom Has recently added a couple of videos looking at robot training as well which sound like they will be helpful for you. So go and have a look at these an there should be plenty of options in there and lots of footwork videos which you can set the Amicus robot to do no problem 🙂

You can visit the training exercise video section here –

replied 2 years ago

Thanks alot for your response.

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