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hamzah.france asked 7 days ago

I do have the Newgy robot pong 3050XL robot, it is good in overall and can be used to work on special drills but I feel that ball quality is not that accurate…
what I like about it is: the drills that already programmed and the precision mode that allows you to create what you want, but still asking myself if butterfly robots are better or not…
Do you think or know that Amicus series are better or not and allows better ball quality and a wider range of exercices??

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 7 days ago

Hi there, yes I would say the Amicus robots are the best and most advanced I’ve come across in table tennis. They are quite a bit ahead of anything else to be honest. You can set up very accurate drills to practice anything you want, very modern and good quality. I’d say it would be a fair bit better than a Newgy robot!

replied 6 days ago


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