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maurice101 asked 3 years ago

I seems harimoto hits his off the bounce backhand well out in front of his body and finishes with a pretty straight arm. He seems to hit more than  a full on brushing action. Is it worth practicing this higher risk shot? At my level a simple block down the line against forehand topspin works!!!!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Maurice, yes I know exactly the shot you mean that Harimoto does quite a lot. He hits a string and slightly flatter shot which is very aggressive and finishes with a more straight arm. This shit is very effective but also hard to get consistentabs is a high risk shot. It’s definitely worth practicing a strong backhand down the line evennif you play with slightly more spin and safety this will still be very worthwhile. Or as you said even playing an aggressive block down the line and trying to get an early timing so it’s hard for your opponent is good.

I would say give some of these aggressive off the bonunce backhands a try and see what the limit is for you in terms of playing strong and fast without missing too many. It’s always about getting the balance between playing strong but not losing consistency. Give that a go and see how you get on, anything else just let us know!

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