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Casperr_l asked 1 week ago

Hi Everyone!
So for the past yeah or so I’ve been experiencing with different playing styles and different types of rubber. Anyhow, a friend of mine wants to try chopping far from the table, and the blade I’m willing to give him is Donic Defplay senso with Yasaka Anti Power and Xiom Vega X. I’ve only played with that blade for a few training sessions but it wasn’t for me. What I have noticed is it is really easy to return with the anti, regardless of what kind of balls you get.
Is this a decent setup for someone willing to learn the chopping playstyle? I don’t know because my knowledge about anti spin rubbers is quite minimal.
Thanks in advance!

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Dan Academy Coach answered 6 days ago

Hey Casper, Yeah anti-loop can be fun for sure as it kills all the spin and it gives you the ability to return a lot of spin with much less effort. I’d say that setup is good for him to try out the style and learn chopping away from the table. However usually anti-loop is best for blocking at the table and most people prefer long pimples away from the tab le as with anti it can be hard to get enough power to get the ball on from far away from the table.

But it would still be good for him to get a feel for this style an then he can look at long pimple options if he feels it might be for him!

Thanks, Dan 🙂

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