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malcbarber asked 3 years ago

Can you give me advice on playing a attacking player who  use’s anti spin. I find it harder to read what’s going on more than player who use pimples.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hey Malcbarber,

I understand what you mean. We will release a video soon on how to play against anti spin rubbers. Anti spin has similar effects to long pimples however anti-spin produces more float/dead balls whereas long pimpled players produce more spin.

When playing against anti spin players try and play the ball into their elbow/cross over point, see our video here on this: By playing to the elbow, you should receive a weak return for you to play an attacking shot to the either corner of the table.

Spend the first set against your opponent taking your time and trying to get use to what effect their anti spin rubber is doing. AS mentioned there are a lot more float/no spin balls with anti spin.

Hope this helps,

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