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Resznotes asked 9 months ago

Hi Dan and Tom,
As I try to figure out how to play against a short-pips player, I frequently come across “Looping.” I haven’t noticed you using the term, but I’m wondering if that is what we are doing when we return backspin balls? Can you explain if we are looping but you have other terms for the concept, or if you are trying to guide players away from hitting in “looping fashion” because there more efficient and modern ways to return a ball. This of course leads me back my question of how to return a float/light spin ball from a short pips opponent. Should I be looping or something else?
By the way, feel free to create a video about playing against short pips!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

Hi Susan,

Looping is usually just the term used for a higher slower topspin shot really and often it’s called looping when playing against backspin as you mentioned. Looping is just a slightly old fashioned term for a topspin in all honesty. We will definitely be adding more videos on playing against pimples in the future for sure.

Really you just want to be playing your normal topspin shots against the pips but sometimes may need a little more brush and spin than usual as we discussed before. The light float type balls you can topspin quite positively as long as you don’t hit flat you should be able to play a nice quick attack against these type of shots.


replied 9 months ago

Thanks, Tom!
When I get a chance to play my friend again, I will try not to fall into the trap that I need to do something completely different. I shall move ahead with confidence!

Academy Coach replied 9 months ago

No problem, that’s great to hear!

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