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ttvrn asked 1 year ago

Hi! I liked TTD review of Aruna OFF blade and have been trying it by myself for one week.

But my blade weighs 80 gr and setup with 2xTenergy 05 is 177 gr. My primary blade is Viscaria (87-88 gr).

Aruna OFF is really unique and I want to give it the chance, but I felt it lacks a bit of power, as it doesn’t “push” 05 rubbers.
What could you recommend:

1. to get heavier blade (more than 85 gr)?
2. change rubbers? which will suit best?

I will grateful for your thoughts and feedback!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Ttvrn,

Yes I can understand what you mean by the blade has good control but doesn’t rebound as much. I would suggest keeping the same rubbers and trying it for longer and even in some matches if possible because this will give you a clearer idea if it will suit your style and you can adapt. Or if not go back to the viscaria which it seems you are quite happy with anyway. I would say after around 1 month is a fair amount to test the blade.

I don’t think a heavier blade will be the answer, sometimes its just a case of getting used to the lighter blade which can change your timing slightly.

That’s what I would recommend because tenergy is a good rubber and if you change too many factors as once it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly you like and don’t like. So stick with the rubbers and perhaps test the Aruna blade further to give yourself a really good idea of whether it will be a good match for you. Hope that helps and anything else you need or more information please feel free to reply on here!

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