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Nicolaas Strik asked 3 weeks ago

At what level do I need to be at to use the Stiga Cybershape blade? I am so intrigued by the blade, plus I am a big Truls Moregard fan. 😉

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Nicolaas, well I don’t think you need to be an a crazy high level to use something like the Cybershape as it’s not a super fast blade. But it is still a carbon blade so you need to have a solid technique and control to play with it still. What blade do you have at the moment?

Nicolaas Strik
replied 3 weeks ago

I am currently using the Stiga Energy Wood V2.

Nicolaas Strik
replied 4 days ago

I recently purchased the Stiga Cybershape blade (with the help of some amazing Black Friday sales in The States). It is an amazing blade! It isn’t that fast and offers great control.

Nicolaas Strik
replied 3 days ago

I just saw an add today for the Cybershape Wood blade. It is a 5-ply wood blade for about half the cost of the original.

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