Coach CornerTechniquesAt which point should I start integrating my wrist into my forehand topspin?
Pflaumenmus asked 1 year ago

at the moment I’m thinking whether or not I should start using my wrist for forehand topspin?
I have two questions regarding this topic:

  1. The reason why I thought about integrating my wrist is that because I started developing my backhand my game got quicker (before I basically only used aggressive Blocks on my bh, now I’m quite confident looping). Now my preperation phase for forehand topspin shows to be to slow, so I thought about somehow making my forehand more compact. Do you think adding wrist movement to my forehand is the go to solution or would you suggest first focusing on different things? I’ve been traing since two years, more or less self thought but I’m really soaking up every piece of information availible to me and plan my traings. Maybe I should send you a video?
  2. Regardless if the wrist is your go to solution or not, at which point do think that one should start adding the wrist to forehand, because I think there are many things more elementary then the wrist in forehand, but but you also don’t want to miss out usefull things. When coaching do you have any guidelines when you start adding the wrist to the forehand of your student?

Thanks a lot for your answers in advance

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey! Ok so I think long term the wrist is important in the forehand but if you do add it too early it can make it slightly inconsistent sometimes, and especially if you use too much wrist.

It’s important to have solid basics in your forehand movement, and moving the body, legs and arm correctly. Before adding too much wrist it’s important you are using your elbow and forearm well too, which can help generate a lot of speed and spin even before the wrist is added.

Then when you are very solid and consistent with these elements I would think about adding the wrist which helps in generating spin, good quality contact on the ball and also speed.

Of course feel free to send us in a video here on coach corner and we’ll be happy to analyse your forehand and have a look at if adding in the wrist can help you or if there are other are areas to focus on first

Tom 🙂

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