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Timhan asked 4 years ago 
Hello Tom And Dan can you give me some feedback on my backhand i feel it is horrible and need some help to get a good technic can you help me 😀

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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 years ago

Hey Tim, your backhand technique is definitely not terrible at all, I think it looks very good! Just make sure you are finishing forward with the bat and pointing the wrist out where you wan the ball to finish, which mostly you are doing well here anyway. You are brushing over the top of the ball well so keep that up too, similar to your forehand I would just say to keep the arm relaxed and the movement smooth.

Lastly try to not let the bat drop between each shot, so keep it high as you recover for the next shot, this will make it easier in a game to be in position quickly for the next shot. But don’t be to hard on yourself this looks good and it’s only small changes, overall your backhand is solid!

replied 4 years ago

Okay thanks i Will try keep that in mind, my overarm give me some pain when i Play backhand why is that ?

Academy Coach replied 4 years ago

No problem, I’m not sure what the pain is but it could be if your arm is too tense when playing, so stay loose and relaxed and make sure the action is coming mostly from your forearm and elbow. If it continues for a long time or gets worse just be careful and you might have to see a physio if it does.

replied 4 years ago

Okay i Will do so thanks try to relax even more

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