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dango asked 6 years ago

Hi both, below is a link to my backhand topspin. This has never been a very stable stroke for me and I lack confidence using it. I am never really sure if i have got it right. Could you give me some feedback on it please.


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TomTom Academy Coach answered 6 years ago

Hi Dan,
I actually think overall your backhand stroke is not bad at all, your getting a good use of the wrist and nice contact on the ball. Something to be aware of is your follow through of your shot, sometimes the follow through looks slightly long and across your body rather than compact and finishing the stroke in front of you which will help your control and direction.
One small point is keeping your body weight forward and nice and low, as you strike the ball you are in a good body position but occasionally as you play the stroke you finish slightly upright which can cause you to lift the ball up and miss-time it. My feeling is the overall technique of your stroke with a few small tweaks can become a shot you are much more confident with, when practicing this shot focus on the follow through as I mentioned above but also concentrate on keeping the bat high and not dropping it in between shots, this will allow you to recover quickly and also get over the ball to generate topspin.
Hope that’s helpful Dan!

replied 6 years ago

Brilliant thanks Dan, very helpful stuff. Really good to hear your comments. Knowing that my shot is generally ok is hugely helpful because it allows me to really commit to practicing this way. You are right I do stand up- and whenever I do I miss time it. This happens even more on my backhand loop. I will work on staying low – compact finish and developing the feeling for the shots. Many thanks.

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