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lem496 asked 2 weeks ago

Hey guys,
Is it my imagination or are more too players using backhand flicks against long backspin serves rather than the traditional Bh loop? I’ve definitely noticed it among our top amateur players and local Olympic hopefuls . Is it something you’d recommend looking into?
stay safe 

2 Answers
lem496 answered 2 weeks ago

Ooos, top players typo

TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Lem!

Well flicks are really only used over the table and if the ball is long you should always look to topspin/loop because the flick is only really played because of the limitations when playing over the table.

On a half long ball it’s a bit different and a flick can still be used, but in the main I wouldn’t recommend using the flick if the ball comes long, it’s much easier and less effort to use a backhand topspin as you can make more use of the body and arm in the stroke too 🙂

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