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Nomad asked 7 months ago

Hi Guys
As I mentioned in my last question to Dan I am now concentrating now on how to open up an attack (and preventing the opponent from getting in first).  I set the robot to feed me with medium to heavy backspin balls to the middle of my side of the table.  The table floor has a slight slope of about 6 inches from the robot side to where I am positioned so the ball drops slightly after it bounces on my side even more with the backspin, so timing is tricky.  However, I have attached the first attempt at simulating how I might surprise the opponent by using aggressive pushes then switching to a backhand flick.  I am still working on the timing using the 1&2 method you used in your video but let me know what you think ( I raised my elbow in the latter part of the short video to apply more sidespin/topspin.)

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Dan Academy Coach answered 7 months ago

Hey Alex,

Wow this shot has seriously improved since the last time I saw you playing it! You are stepping in well and really go the wrist movement going much better now. You’re also staying low with the body as you step in which is a key part to this shot and lifting heavy backspin.

I think the 1 and 2 method does make a big difference and gives you that small pause which is vital, you’ve got good timing here too. I think now you’re at the stage where you can try to really mix in flicks and aggressive pushes and get used to changing quickly between the two. This will be important in match play to be consistent and surprise opponents. But overall really impressive improvements you’ve made, so keep going and just working on developing more spin and consistency because this can be a really effective shot for you I feel!

Dan 🙂

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