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Hugoekeroth asked 7 months ago

Search on me name on youtube and look at the video backhand loop. That i won’t help with is that i close my bate to much in the backswing and am not Bend my knees to much and my follow through is to long. Can you help me with this and give me some advice so me backhand Can improve 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 7 months ago

Hey Hugoe, I found your video, you can actually just post the youtube link here in coach corner 👍

So I watched the video and you use quite a lot of wrist and not nuch help from the elbow and forearm which is very important in the backhand loop. Try to keep your wrist more stable and only use it just before contacting the ball to accelerate. This will make the ahot more solid and consistent and easier to get good placement. Sometimes your shot also finishes across the body rather than forward and in front which means you lose energy in the stroke. Try to also keep your swing a little shorter and more compact which will make it much easier to recover. You have a really nice smooth acceleration through the ball so try to keep this going!

As you said you definitely need to try to bed your knees more and get some help with your legs too. Lastly I would say try to keep your body lower and more forward,especially at the end of the shot try not to lift up, keep your weight forward and chest over the ball, this will make you much more stable in your finish position.

Keep up the good training!

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