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derikgonzales asked 5 months ago

Hi Coaches,
Hope you guys are well. Would like to ask for your view on my backhand opening technique. Here’s the link I would like to know what I can do technically to get more consistency. Im quite confident executing it on slower pushes but really struggling on aggressive pushes. Thanks in advance!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 5 months ago

Hey! So I’ve had a look at the video and your overall technique is very nice so it is just small changes to look at really I feel as the base of a great shot is there!

I feel the main area to improve os the contact on the ball, you said when push is slower or a bit higher you play the shot very well but sometimes on the better quality pushes you aren’t getting enough spin. So you need to focus on having a bit of a lighter contact on the ball and really trying to brush across it without hitting it tok firmly. This will improve the spin you can generate. Also on the faster pushes you need to make sure you get more acceleration as you come through the shot,especially as you contact the ball. Most people end up actually slowing down as they feel like they have less time on this faster push, but you need a good acceleration to olay a quality shot.

I think if you can get these 2 areas going well with your technique you’ll see an improvement in the consistency! Keep up the good work 🙂

replied 5 months ago

Thanks Tom! Will try hard to focus on these 2 areas when I get back to training. Youre are on point on the your comment, I do hit the faster pushes slower hence Im hitting it quite thick. Thanks again and hopeful that it would work for me 👍

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