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maurice101 asked 11 months ago

Here is a video of me trying to get the crack sound on a backhand topspin against block on the robot.
My idea was to use the martial arts idea of a 6 inch punch.
Feedback from my coach was to use the body more in the squat and rise forward motion, use more fingers in the flick motion and to hit less hard.
Use better body mechanics to hit hard to get the crack sound not the arm.
I am interested in any feedback from you guys.

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maurice101 answered 11 months ago

Public video now

Academy Coach replied 11 months ago

Hi Maurice

To get a really explosive backhand the whole body needs to work together to hit through the ball. Imagine your bat and your hip are connected so that you pull your bat back with your hip and then explode forward to hit the ball.

From this action try to feel like you are throwing the bat through the ball rather than hitting it. The shot should smooth but fast.

Keep up the hard work!


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