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maurice101 asked 3 weeks ago

Ignore the washing and dog!!
Any suggestions on some improvements to my backhand topspin against backspin? I think I come up too much at the end of the swing will legs a bit too straight.. I am happy how I use the body to propel the arm.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Maurice, firstly some good elements you have, great acceleration and use of the body as you mentioned, also you are getting a nice contact on the ball!

I’d agree that you can definitely get lower in the shot with more bend in the knees which will make it easier to lift heavy backspin and also put less strain on the arm. If you also focus on keeping your body weight lower and more forwards especially at the end of the shot as you said that will help the control.

Lastly I’d say the overall technique is good just try to stay relaxed and keep the action smooth because you’ve got a good shot there, just small tweaks really not major chnages at all!

replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your positive comments. I watched the video again and think I could use a bigger back-swing whip pattern so the handle points more to the front at the end of the backswing. When I add this element to the shot the shot spin and power level goes up even more.

Academy Coach replied 3 weeks ago

No problem at all, yes if you can get the backswing coming back further towards the summer it makes the end of the swing shorter and more forward.

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