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Nomad asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Guys
I was going over some of your videos in particular the backhand open up topspin and would like your views on the grip used when blocking and topspinning from the backhand.
When blocking I tend to have my thumb slightly higher on the bat from as I get good control over the blade.  By putting a little pressure on the thumb for example, I can more easily control the angle of the bat, (closing over the top of the ball) which is especially useful against speedy topspin.  However, using this grip when opening up with a backhand topspin against backspin (heavy push or chop)  I feel this restricts the snappy wrist action and forward follow through required when pivoting around the elbow. I have tried moving my thumb just below the rubber and I seem to get more spin and speed by using the wrist but lose out on the control I get when blocking.   Should I persevere with both grips to suit the type of shot required or am I making things too complicated?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Alex

My advice is always to keep things simple. As much as you can, stick to one grip and develop your control from there. If you do this there will be less need to change and less chance of mistakes due to changing.

I hope this helps!

replied 2 weeks ago

Thanks Dan
Sound advice..
Changing grip during a rally would no doubt need a lot of practise to become natural. I think I will stick to the grip I know and look at increasing spin and speed by developing a more conistent wrist action and body rotation.
Thanks for your advice

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