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Björn van Tricht asked 2 years ago

Hi, first of all, very nice videos, thanks for all the great tips and tricks!

I am an all-round player, about as much offensively as defensively. However, at our level of match plays in the Netherlands (amateur level) we often get lost in endless chopping rallies. I would like to open/attack early in the rally, but a lot of (defensive) opponents are playing with such backpin in each shot, that it is difficult for me to attack and/or playing a topspin ball. Sometimes I force myself to attack/topspin these backspin balls but after 3 or 4 forced errors (most ended up in the net) I lose confidence.. 

Any tips, tactics and/or solution for this “problem”? Thanks a lot!

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Björn van Tricht answered 2 years ago

I found this useful video which already explains a lot, thanks.

Björn van Tricht answered 2 years ago

Any additional advices? 

Hamza Caratela
replied 1 year ago

Try mixing the pace up as well rather than top spinning the ball every time push the ball short. This will make the chopper move into the table, making the chopper uncertain. The chopper will just get used to you top spinning the ball so make sure to mix the pace and placement. Maybe you can put the ball wide? Depends on whom you are playing, I hope this helps.

Dan Academy Coach answered 2 years ago

Hey Björn, sorry about the slow reply I missed this one! We’re happy to hear you have found the videos useful and helping you improve!
Yes the 3 step method video I think is a great way to help with these shots against backspin. I would also say it’s definitely worth practicing and improving this shot, because as soon as you can do it consistently and with confidence it takes your game to the ebxt level and you won’t get stuck in the pushing/Chopping rallies any more!
In the beginning many players find this shot hard, especially as it’s playing against the spin so you need to generate a lot of topspin on your shot. 
The main areas to focus on for this I think are using the legs and body well and not only the arm to play the shot. The legs and body provide the base and the power to create spin and keep the arm relaxed. The next thing is just improving the contact on the ball to really develop a good brushing feeling and a light ticub across the ball but still keeping a good acceleration. Getting all these things together is not easy but with time and practice it will really help your game! Any other questions on this just let us know.
Dan 🙂 

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