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zackmossy asked 3 weeks ago

With so many different aspects of training that can be done, I was wondering if you guys could shed any light on how you structure your training sessions.
Once I’ve identified the weaknesses in my game, how much time should be spent on improving those areas vs. exercises to maintain my level in other areas of my game? 
If there’s several areas I want to improve should I work a small amount on all of those during each session, or focus on a particular area during each session?
Some insight into how you approach your training would be great!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Zack, we’ll definitely make a video on this topic and how to structure your training for best results etc. I would working on a mixture of different areas during a session is more beneficial as it can get boring or repetitive working on the same area of your game for a whole session. Of course this is quite personal and some people find they can focus on just one area.

I’d always start a session woth a fairly simole regular footwork drill to gwt your movement and timing going and then look to focus the majority of the session, so at least 45 minutes to an hour on working on specific areas you need to ending up with more match type situations and maybe finishing with a game against your partner.

I think before tournaments or matches its great to work on your strengths at least for a bit during training to build confidence and reinforce your strengths.

Overall I’d say try to focus the main area and time of your training working on elements you feel are weak and then the rest on maintaining the other parts and also include match realistic situations.

We’ll look to create a video as I said too with more details and information for you. I hope thats helpful in the mean time 🙂

replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Tom,

Thanks that all makes a lot of sense! Hopefully, we can get back to training again soon so I can try out some of the exercises from your videos and fit them into a structure like that

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