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martink asked 3 years ago

Hi. When I start doing topspin to topsin close to the table, I struggle with keeping the ball in after a few exchanges. Usually the ball is just a bit long, and the feeling is that the ball “slips” off the rubber (T05). I try to accelerate a bit more, but then the feeling is that there is not enough time for recovery. Closing the angle a bit, will usually net the ball. I still think this may be an acceleration or timing issue. What to focus on here?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Martink,

Yes to me this sounds a lot like not getting the right contact on the ball and timing. You also mentioned acceleration which is key, try to imagine the feeling of hitting through the ball and having a relaxed arm which allows you to brush through quickly before and during contacting the ball. Make sure you are contacting the ball in front of your body and at the top of the bounce.

Try to focus on this relaxed arm element which helps a faster recovery as well. Another area to think about is using the elbow and forearm tonmaoe sure you snap and accelerate too. Keeping a brushing contact with a closed angle is important but to avoid it going in the net like this you need a good arm speed.

Short compact strokes with a high speed are much better than long strokes which are the same pace all the way through. Give that a try and see what difference it makes, also feel free to send us a video of this problem and we’d be happy to take a look.

replied 3 years ago

Thanks, this is a major issue I really need to focus on the following months. I like the description of hitting through the ball, this may be the key. Since this is a european rubber, maybe a little less brushing is needed but rather working more on getting a better contact? This has worked well for me on balls with some backspin (or even nospin).

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