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JohnnyD asked 9 months ago

I just bought a new Premium bat which is a very good brand. However at the top of the handle where the blade flares out the wood hurts my middle finger if I play for any length of time. I have never had this problem before. I have thought about putting a piece of electrical tape on the bat where my finger rests. Have you heard of this before or is the quite a common problem? Is there something better that I could use than electrical tape. Its a shame as this will spoil the look and possibly the weight of the bat. I think the company maybe should have rounded the edges of the bat to solve this problem.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

Hi Johnny,

Yes this is actually quite a common problem with new bats of all different brands to be fair. Often the edges where you talked about can be sharp and rub on your hand. The best way to solve this and what most people do is get some sand paper and gently smooth out the edges where it’s very sharp. It won’t take too much for it too feel more comfortable and it will also soften and become less harsh after more time playing as well. But that’s what I’d suggest, sand paper it down and smooth it out and that should solve it for you.

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