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Nomad asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Tom
Following on from my question last week regarding the best option for renewing my rubbers, I decided to go for Dignics 05 for the backhand which was to replace my previous Evolution rubber. I practised the backspin service with the Dignics rubber on the linoleum floor (I don’t have access to a table yet). With a speedy sideways movement of the wrist and the bat coming flat under the ball, it hit the floor, travelled about the length of a table tennis table before coming to a slightly shuddering halt then reversing directly back towards (and past me) at increased speed as the spin took effect.  The linoleum was the closest I could get to the surface of the table tennis table but WOW!! if I can get that amount of spin in my service armoury I will be a happy puppy! (I also had the same result when serving with backspin/sidespin and backspin/topspin. I now have a variety of new services and am now working on the reverse serves.)
I have still to make the final decision on whether to go for Tenergy 80 or Dignics 09C on the forehand for power yet good dwell and control in counter topspin rallies. Any thoughts on that?  I am hoping that whatever I choose the rubber will last longer as they are not the cheapest!
Finally, thanks for your all your assistance with the advice on new rubbers which has focused my search on the type of rubbers that I think will be most appropriate after a long absence from the game.
All the best in your next County match..interesting viewing!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Alex,

Thats great to hear and im not surprised that you’ve found the spin on the dignics and the grip impressive, I think its a great rubber! With more practice on the serves I’m sure you’ll find it really effective for that area of the game.

So my opinion is that the dignics 80 offers great grip and also ease of use, the 09c offers even more grip, has a more sticky topsheet closer to a hurricane style rubber with a lot of grip and spin, but it does require more effort and won’t have quite as much “spring” as the 80 so I’d probably stick with the 80 for that reason. Absolutely no problem at all, that’s what we’re here for 🙂
Thanks Alex hopefully we’ll be able to get back to playing our matches soon!

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