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Adi Oz asked 1 year ago

Hi Tom and Dan thank you so much for all of your work and content god bless you both🙂 I wanted to know few things 
is it just me or when I’m on the toes or the balls of my feet and I’m leaning foreward my shots are much more consistent and powerful in another level there is a connection?
and the other question is I wanted to know if it compared to USA rating what is the rating of Tom and what of Dan about thank you so much🙏

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Adi Oz answered 1 year ago


TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hey Adi, no problem were glad you enjoy the content! Yes absolutely being on tour toes and weight forward makes a big difference to shot quality and consistency for sure.
It makes you more stable and balanced and also allows you to change direction quicker and be in position for each shot. 
Not sure on USA TT ratings unfortunately but I’m ranked top 15 in the UK and Dan doesn’t have a current ranking right now, but he’s improved a lot in the last year! 🙂 

Adi Oz
replied 1 year ago


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