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Jeepster1971 asked 3 weeks ago

I have recently taken up playing short pips both sides which I really enjoy and is going quite well, however Until recently I played short pips forehand  and Long on backhand modern defender style picking of loose or high returns with the short pips and with the new short pips both sides set up I still find it hard to break the habit of chopping back on the backhand side and as I’m using fast short pips with 2mm sponge if I get the angle wrong things don’t always work out that well , I was wondering what your advice would be for a slower short pip to use and what sponge thickness would be better suited for occasional chopping to mix up my game more I tried a sheet of tsp spectol with 1.5 mm sponge on a fast blade (yinhe T11+) with fair success are there others that are maybe more suited for this purpose or maybe even thinner sponge 
thanks for any advice

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Jeepster, ok there’s probably a few different things you could think about as you mentioned, either a thicker sponge or maybe a slightly longer pimple or slower short pimples. I would say your best bet might be a medium long pimple which is kind of a half way between short and long pimples or a long pimple which can be used to attack. The tsp spectol I know is quite popular and a good pimple, I’ve also tried stiga destroyer with a thin sponge, about 1mm and found it good for chopping but could also attack quite well.
I’d say the best way to go would actually be a faster long pimple or medium pimples maybe. Maybe something like the butterfly feint ag which is a pretty all round pimple would be worth looking at too. I hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions.

I would say if you go for a medium or long pimples the sponge thickness is a case of preference, but usually between 1.2 and 1.7mm.

replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the advice I was thinking more of coming away from Long pips such as stiga destroyer etc and concentrate on chopping with the short pips having watched a few videos of Yuto Muramatsu and have tried practicing that style with robot in garage and find I can vary the spin etc much more with short pips as opposed to long and obviously still have the option to attack with it I have bats with TSP spinpips Red / Xium Vega Spo and Spinlord Warren and also an old sheet of spectol which is slightly more controlled with the others being pretty fast especially in 2mm sponge although with a fair bit of practice on robot it’s starting to go quite well but hard work especially as I’m not so young,
Do you think a rubber such as TSP spinpips chop or chop2 with a thinner sponge maybe 1mm-1.5 would be a good option for what I’m looking for and would give greater control and be easier to keep the ball lower with less effort against heavy topspin
Thanks for your advice


Academy Coach replied 3 weeks ago

HI Jeepster, ok yeah makes sense I’d say the tsp spin pips chop or chop 2 either one would be good for what you want, especially like you say if you go for a 1mm-1.5mm sponge. It will add a little more feel and control for the chopping but as they are shorter still be good for attacking and mixing that in when you need.

I think it’s probably a more enjoyable and flexible way to play being able to attack and not only rely on forcing mistakes from your opponents. With the robot you can keep testing the ones you have and it sounds like it’s coming along well. Also feel free to send us in a clip of you on the robot and we can have a look and give some feedback on different rubbers and technique too.

But the main thing is finding something you are comfortable and confident with, I’d say one of the rubbers you’ve mentioned just with an adjustment in the sponge thickness.

Regards, Tom

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