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Hamza Caratela asked 1 month ago

Hey guys, I watch professional players when they are playing their BH topspin, most of the time they play it cross court and they just keep playing their BH cross court until the opponent makes a mistake, correct me if im wrong but why do they do this when they have so many opportunities to switch down the line and can most likely win the point outright with good placement. 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey Hamza, I think if you watch the top players they do often switch to be fair and even if it’s slightly into the body, but sometimes of course it’s a risk to switch and make a mistake or give the opponent an easy forehand. But I would say actually they do switch fair bit, maybe it was just a few of the games you’ve seen recently where players we’re going across court a bit more 🙂

Hamza Caratela
replied 1 month ago

Hey Tom, yeah I think so as well, thanks.

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