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Hamza Caratela asked 10 months ago

Hey Dan and Tom, i feel really confident with the BH topspin now but now when I’m out of position, and the opponent switches to my BH I start lobbing. So how can I play a BH to my side of the body or like a decent quality shot to put the opponent back under pressure?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hey Hamza, normally this shot is about footwork and body position, you need to try to get yourself behind the ball as much as you can. If the ball is out wide and away from your body it’s difficult to topspin and that’s why you end up lobbing. Try to really step across with your left leg and plant it into the ground strongly when your opponent switches to your backhand, that way you can lean your weight into your left leg and get your body behind the ball better to play a topspin.
Just doing lots of drills switching from wide forehand back to backhand will help this movement as well. It’s something I found hard but worked kn it a lot and my backhand has become much stronger in this area over time. Any other questions you have about this just let me know. 
Dan 🙂 

Hamza Caratela
replied 10 months ago

Hey Dan, thanks for the guidance here, I really appreciate you being lenient here as I’m being a little annoying with the BH now 😅. I’ll definitely try this out.

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