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Ngohuy asked 3 years ago

Currently im using 88 gram 5ply limba offensive blade c/w vega pro on fh and ventus speed on backhand. This serves me very well except the total weight is 188 gram which i found pretty heavy for quick action close to table. Sometimes not enough strength to do a recovery after a quick block.
Please let me know from your experience, is this heavy one?  I plan to change blade to lighter one, which is approximately 80-82gram to reduce the total weight around 178-180&a

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Ngobuy,
Thanks for your question. That actually looks about right the overall weight of your bat setup. Usually the total weight of bats vary from 180-190 grams. A blade that’s in the region of 95-100 grams is considered heavy. I think if you feel its quite heavy then go for a blade around 80 grams this will definitely help. Let us know what blade you plan to go for. See you around!   

replied 3 years ago

Hi Dan,

thanks for your response. I decided to change to lighter blade (80gram) but this time with carbon, use old two rubbers. The combo weight is 177-178gram, very light.

The first day I’m miss many shots due to change in feeling, but only one day later, my performance improved clearly. Although forehand shots came with less power, but speed and spin increased; and amazingly my servers are much spinner and more deceptive, i just think of the lightweight blade enables my wrist do better contact.

Thanks again.

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