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Piyush Agarwal asked 5 months ago

Hi Dan and Tom, thank you for making this wonderful training site and community. I am super overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge exchange and I hope that I can become a better player with your guidance. 

I have started playing Table Tennis for 3 months. I have been practising in the local club under a coach’s guidance but I am not sure if I am improving at all. 

I have a Probot Dual Head Robot at home that I use to practice as well. 

My question to you is:

1. Can you please analyse my gameplay and suggest some areas that I need to work on immediately. 
2. I can devote 1 to 1.5 Hours a day for Table Tennis Training. Being on my own makes me feel overwhelmed as to how should I consume the videos, take notes, and also get it into practice. Also, how long should I practise something before I move on to the next thing? 
Here’s some footage of my games. I am the taller guy in the videos:

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do and being a great motivation to people like me to start learning table tennis. 

Here’s a few of my gameplay: I am the 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 5 months ago

Hey Piyush, that’s great to hear you are enjoying the Academy and our videos! I’ve just watched the videos you sent in and the main things to work on for you are these:
-Working on consistent forehand and backhand drives
-Forehand and backhand push
These are the 4 main key strokes in table tennis, so it’s good to focus on these and get them right early on. I would try to focus on doing basic consistency drills and getting these shots solid before doing too much match play.

The the next thing is working on your position at the table and your feet, so always keeping your right foot slightly behind your left, this will make moving and switching much easier for you in match play. It looks like you are doing really well for only 3 months playing time! 1.5 hours a day is a great amount of time to be able to focus on table tennis and if you can really work on the basic strokes and movements for now and develop these so they are consistent and strong this will be a good foundation to improve a lot in the future.

The robot is great for this because you know the ball is always going to the same place so you can focus on one shot at a time and really try to get more on the table. So go through our basics video section on the Academy and spend time on this area, when you feel all of these shots are easy and consistent the you can think about miving on to the next areas. Keep up the good work!

Dan 🙂

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