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Piyush Agarwal asked 5 days ago

Hi Dan and Tom, thank you for making this wonderful training site and community. I am super overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge exchange and I hope that I can become a better player with your guidance. 

I have started playing Table Tennis for 3 months. I have been practising in the local club under a coach’s guidance but I am not sure if I am improving at all. 

I have a Probot Dual Head Robot at home that I use to practice as well. 

My question to you is:

1. Can you please analyse my gameplay and suggest some areas that I need to work on immediately. 
2. I can devote 1 to 1.5 Hours a day for Table Tennis Training. Being on my own makes me feel overwhelmed as to how should I consume the videos, take notes, and also get it into practice. Also, how long should I practise something before I move on to the next thing? 
Here’s some footage of my games. I am the taller guy in the videos:

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do and being a great motivation to people like me to start learning table tennis. 

Here’s a few of my gameplay: I am the 

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