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Bauyrzhan Rakhmanov asked 1 month ago

Can you pls share your comments on my game.
I’m in a red shirt


1 Answers
Dan Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey Bauyrzhan,

It looks like you are playing some good stuff here! I would say the areas I noticed for you to work on are foot work and getting into position for each shot, often your shots were good but sometimes you were just not quite in position for the ball, this will help a lot.

Also working on being relaxed and not tense when you play this will help you move better and also create spin more easily on your topspin shots. I think your serves and backhand look pretty safe and solid, just sometimes the contact on the forehand got a bit flat and not enough spin which caused some mistakes, so really trying to close the bat and brush the ball on your forehand more will help to!

But keep up the good work! Dan 🙂

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