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Sweetiele asked 3 years ago

Hey Dan and Tom!
I have heard and read a lot about the importance of Center of gravity in table tennis but I have never really understood why it’s so important. Can you please shed some light on why Center of gravity is important while playing the defensive game and attacking and ways to improve? Thanks and regards!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Sweetiele,

Center of gravity is definitely important in all aspects of table tennis. Maintaining a good low center of gravity means you are able to keep better when moving around the court, if you are too upright it’s difficult to recover and keep shots consistent.

When defending or blocking its important because having your body behind the ball gives you much more control and this is difficult if you don’t have a good low center of gravity. As well as this quick and dynamic movements are much easier when low.

Some good ways to work on this are having a good stance and ready position which we show in is a video-

Also working on footwork and staying low, we have several videos focused on footwork in the training exercises video section.

Hope that gives you a good idea of why this area is important!

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