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Nomad asked 1 month ago
Hi Dan & Tom
I have been trying to get some variation into my medium pace topspin strokes by alternating between forehand and backhand. It's not 
ideal as I know where the ball is going when using the robot but it gives me some idea of bat angle and body turn when changing from
forehand to backhand in a fast rally. When further back from the table I get lower down by bending my knees which lowers the
bat and gets under the ball. On the forehand I extend the arm and come over the top of the ball. My left shoulder turns towards the table to ensure
body turn and more power. If I have a relaxed, loose grip and smooth follow through, the bat usually finishes just at eye height.

On the backhand, my right shoulder turns inwards but not to the same extent as my forehand. I have found that by bringing my thumb up
on the backhand side and bending my wrist at about 90 degree to my forearm I can get more power by contacting the ball near the top
quarter of the bat.

Having watched your video with Umair I have also been experimenting with a greater body turn with my right shoulder and extended
follow through on the backhand. While not expecting to be in the class of Umair I would love to develop a more powerful backhand
attack which would be a great asset to my game.

I look forward to the end of lockdown when I can put all the tuition you have provided into practice in competitive games.

All the best


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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey Alex,

It’s still definitely great to practice drills like this even if you know where the ball is going, as you said you can work on the body turn, rotation, backswing and exchange between the two here very well. It’s looking good, I especially like the backhand and how you are making more of the turn form the shoulders and waist, this will help you add power more easily whilst keeping the arm relaxed, similar to how Umair does these type of shots!

I also think compared to previous video’s I’ve seen of you, you are now getting a better contact and brush on the ball in your forehand side which is great, it sometimes tended to be a bit flat before so that looks to have really improved!

Hopefully this lockdown will be over soon as you say, we’ll have some new videos up on here soon though regardless. Keep up the good work!

replied 1 month ago

Thanks for your input Tom – much appreciated.

Before I started back to table tennis last year after a ten year absence from competitive play, my forehand was, as you say, more a flat drive rather than topspin generated. With the heavier topspin I have developed since joining the Academy my game has progressed to a higher level through the fact that I can now control placement of the ball much better and also vary the spin and speed to a greater extent.
I hope to send you another video soon showing a greater turn from the shoulders and waist in an effort to produce more power in the backhand drive from further behind the table.

I look forward to seeing your future videos.

TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

No problem at all Alex, yes it’s big development on that side, really impressive! That’s great, look forward to seeing the backhand video soon 🙂

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