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Slicepong asked 2 months ago

Hi Tom and Dan. Funny, it isn’t Jan 1 but we’re celebrating like it is for some reason. So Happy New Year again!
I was wondering what you think is the best way to change speeds on a rally. I’m mostly talking topspin here. I do think hitting a fast. low slice to a corner is effective against almost anyone, but I’m more interested in how to change the pace of a topspin rally and what’s the optimal way. Is it more or less topspin, or simply snapping the wrist faster? We all have a natural speed, let’s call it medium, where we’re consistent. So is  occasionalyl just whipping the forearm faster the best way, and should we only do so on easier balls? Keeping an opponent off balance is very effective, but what are the keys in doing so? Thanks.   

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hi Slicepong, happy new year again to you to! Ok so yes for changing and in particular speeding up the pace, it’s about getting more acceleration and whip as you mentioned. To do this you need a relaxed arm and trying to get the speed through the contact nice and quick, also snapping the wrist and forearm a bit more as you said too. I would say you can do this on any ball really but of course you need to be in a good position, on easier balls it is of course easier then to play faster as you should have more time and space to get a slightly longer backswing which can help increase the speed as well.

the key thing is not to force it but think about a relaxed and fast arm. For variation and when you want to play a slower ball it’s important you still have acceleration but then a lighter touch and more brush on the ball. Hope that makes sense and anything else on it just let us know.

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