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Jammmail asked 1 month ago

I currently play with two reverse rubbers in a attacking style, I play around 3 times a week – 2 practice sessions around 2hrs and a match night a week and cant really play more with work and life. Coming back to the sport for 2 years (now 36 after stopping when 18) 
Against a lot of players i sometimes feel im on the back foot and let more attacking player dominate unless im playing a more passive player. I wondered if my skillset would be more suited to a different style?  

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hi Jammmail,

Great that you are back playing table tennis after a long break. Its wuite tough to say about changing styles without seeing you play but I’d probably say that its such a big change that you’d most likey be better of staying as an attacking player and really working on keeping out the opponents and getting a strong first opening attack.

If you can send us in a video we’d be happy to analyse it and give you some feedback and tips on where you can improve etc.

If you still feel that a change to a modern defensive style would be worth a shot in a few weeks/months we can give you some advice on that too.

replied 1 month ago

Thanks Tom

I thought that might be the reply 🙂 but make sense. I guess part of my problem is trying to work out how to improve.
How do I send video in? Upload to somewhere like youtube then send a link?


replied 1 month ago

Also – what the best position angle for you to be able to see and review? Im a lefty btw


Academy Coach replied 1 month ago

Hi James,

Yes that’s the best way to upload to YouTube then send us the link in here. I’d say the best angle is with the camera on the opposite side of the table to you. Probably if you are left handed then the far opposite left corner to you, if that makes sense.

That will give us a much better idea of what direction to point you and give you some tips on how to progress.

Tom 🙂

replied 4 weeks ago

Hi tom. Have uploaded a video. Let me know if you guys can see it as have sent it as a new message


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