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Bobv asked 3 months ago

eulcHi! The most difficult thing for me to determine is exactly what my playing style is, and how to put together the most effective game plan based upon that style.
I play inverted on both sides, and can chop pretty well, however when needed I can attack. I am trying to decide if I should go all in and switch my backhand to long pips and just
work with that or try a play style that has attack and defense with inverted. I am really confused and have no plan . Any suggestions?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 months ago

Hey Bobv!

Yes I can understand this feeling and I think this is something that quite a few players struggle with. Once you do develop your own style and game plan that works well for you it can make a huge difference to your results.

A really good way to find out more about your other strengths and a stlye that works is to video record yourself playing matches, this can really give you a better picture of what is working and what isn’t for you. Feel free to send it into us as well and we can analyse it for you.

I think by the sounds of what you’ve said it could be worth trying to develop a defensive chopping style and but with an attacking element to it. So defending mostly and chopping but looking for the chances to come in and attack with the forehand. This style can be done with inverted or long pimples, So try with your current set up first and if you still feel unsure give long pimples a go on your backhand and experiment with that. This can be a very effective style which players like Ruwen Filus from Germany do so well (Watch him on YouTube if you haven’t seen him before). He uses pimples on the backhand side.

Hope that’s helpful and anything else just reply to us on here!

replied 3 months ago

Thanks and that makes sense. I am going with your suggestion of defense with attack. I will do that with my current set up, The long pips looks great but I will lose the backhand attack unless I twiddle like you do in your excellent defense video. I am also going to perfect what you do in your defense videos. Can you recommend any of your other videos for this style? Thanks again

TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 months ago

Yes I think that’s the best thing to do try it with your current set up so you don’t lose the option of twiddling. We have another video on transitioning from defence to attack so definitely worth watching that one here-

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