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Kevinsen asked 9 months ago

It’s an iot tracker enabled zlc racket
provides analytics about swing rate, location etc
can you’ll have a look ?

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Kevinsen answered 9 months ago
replied 9 months ago

Btw love the Liam Pickford Master Class
Already done wonders for my backhand !

replied 9 months ago

Pitchford 😊

TomTom Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

Hey Kevinsen, we’re glad you are enjoying the Pitchford Masterclass that’s great to hear! The blade looks interesting and definitely a novel idea that’s for sure!

Not sure how useful or helpful the data it gives would be but I guess it could help some players. Not sure if it will catch on but it’s definitely interesting to see different ideas coming into table tennis now. Cheers, Tom

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