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Nomad asked 5 months ago

Hi Guys
Last month I mentioned a slight alteration to my grip ie.lowering the hand about 5mm down the blade to allow the wrist action more flexibility and  increased power. Using this grip I practised close to the table forehand and backhand short attacking strokes with limited backswing using wrist action for increased power with Dignics 09C on the backhand and Dignics 80 on the forehand. 
Although it is not obvious in the video due to limited space available for movement I found the slighty increased flexibility gained by this grip improved the power  I could generate in fast topspin drives and smashes and also the topspin when playing further back from the table.  As Tom mentioned in his last reply, moving the hand too far down could lose some control of the blade so there is a fine balance to be drawn.
I have attached a couple of links and I would be interested in any views you may have.


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Dan Academy Coach answered 5 months ago

Hey Alex, I think you will find getting this grip feeling comfortable and in the right position like Tom mentioned will help with flexibility in the wrist but also controlling the faster shots you play as well. To me the grip looks good here in the video, the main thing I would say to focus on now is being relaxed and keeping a smooth action to your shots. This will help with producing spin and also keeping control too, it may be that you need to t=start this with the grip being a little more relaxed, it should be somewhere around a 4/5 out of 10 for grip power on the bat.

The other thing to watch out for is changing your feet between backhand and forehand, try to always keep your right foot slightly behind the left and not let the right come forwards when playing backhands, this will make your switching much quicker as you can just side step but with the feet in the same position.

Dan 🙂

replied 5 months ago

Thanks Dan
Good points.
You are right about the flexibility in the wrist being dependent on a relaxed grip.
I wasn’t aware that my right foot had crept in front of the left in the short attacking strokes close to the table till you pointed it out. The second link I sent, which unfortunately did not come through for some technical reason showed topspinning backhand far back from the table where my right leg was definitely slightly in front of the left . I felt that this enabled my right shoulder and trunk to turn without feeling restricted (similar to a forehand drive) and provided more control and power from a distance.
Watching the original video again I noticed that my body had returned to the ready position after the stroke.
Many thanks for your observations. Much appreciated.

Academy Coach replied 5 months ago

No problem Alex, I do think it’s important your right foot doesn’t go in front even when away from the table as this makes switching across to the forehand very hard. You can still get the shoulder and body turn with practice 🙂

replied 5 months ago

Thanks Dan
I will put in some practise on that. Hopefully it will also help improve my footwork and control in fast backhand to forehand rallies.

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