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Slicepong asked 8 months ago

 Hi Tom and Dan.  I realized I was crowding the table during the rally. I started being able to hit much more topsin when I stayed a proper distance, but it’s a  mostly arm version so yes I’m still stuck in Noviceville. Does the index finger  determine how closed  the bat should be, and should it always be at least partially closed, for forehand top on every shot? Your “Forehand hack”  vid is excellent- Is bat still closed but vertical vs b-spin and closed but forward  vs other spins?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi Slicepong, The index finger certainly does help control the bat angle for sure. That’s right it’s always partially closed on every forehand to avoid hitting flat and getting a good contact on the ball. As you said against backspin the bat angle is still closed but needs a slightly more vertical brush upwards compared to a slightly more close angle and more forward brush over the top of the ball when playing against topspin or no spin shots.

Seems like to me you’ve got the feeling exactly right in your head, glad you found the forehand hack video helpful, with more space from the table you will find it easier to build in more body rotation and weight transfer with time to stop it being mostly the arm as you said. Keep up the good work and let us know how you are getting on!

replied 7 months ago

Thanks for asking this, Slicepong, because the description sounds a lot like me. If I might extend the question a bit: can you elaborate on where on the “clock” you envision brushes on the ball? For example, if I am returning a topspin ball or topspin/sidespin, do I consistently hit the ball at 1 o’clock, or is that too high on the ball? If there is a decent amount of backspin or sidespin/backspin, is it 2 o’clock or closer to 3 o’clock. Or something else? Thanks in advance!

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